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One Comment on “Contact”

  1. Vince says:

    I feel sorry for the children of of Pantycelyn School,
    Their education will suffer a Tre-gib.

    My daughters gcse results were appalling and I mean appalling .
    She went back today to discuss her limited options.
    There has been a systemic failure this year at the school with no acknowledgement or admission of any form of responsibility. My daughter described the scene as carnage.
    I thought it was bad enough 4 years ago when my son attended, but its worse.
    The assistant head put the telephone down on me this morning after describing my comments as very negative. She shouldn’t be In a job if she can’t handle criticism and wasn’t very professional.

    Unless the head teacher and her senior staff are sacked , then god knows how many more children’s futures will be blighted.
    I hope that if you have children that they won’t be going there.

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