Alexander Smith

THIS BLOG IS NO LONGER UPDATED – I am now a journalist on the @BreakingNews team, working for @NBCNews and @msnUKnews – follow me on twitter @alexmurraysmith

I am a trainee reporter at South West Wales Media, and I write for the Carmarthen Journal and the South Wales Evening Post.

In a vague attempt to show I am an otherwise well-rounded human, I play — and occasionally teach — guitar. I also like political theory and directing uninformed invective at the TV when watching football or cycling.

I grew up in Abergavenny, a town which was neither in Wales nor England until 1974, and graduated with a degree in politics and philosophy from the University of Leeds. I then went on to do a postgraduate diploma in newspaper journalism at Cardiff University.

The posts here are my views only, and nothing to do with my employer.


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